My offer

I love working globally. So far my clients come from Poland, England, Germany, France, Canada, and the United States. Take a look at the testimonials from people who have used my help.

For me, there is  no excuse, and if you need help but are limited by time due to a day filled with work or taking care of children, I am able to arrange appointments outside of regular hours. Within my availability, I will meet with you online early in the morning, late in the evening, and also whenever possible during the weekend.

The meeting with me takes place online, on Teams or any other preferred platform. One session lasts for 50 minutes and costs £60. When there’s no other option, we can schedule a phone conversation.

Such a conversation usually lasts for 30 minutes and costs £30.

If you would like my support and book a session, send me an email.

 In response, I will ask you few basic questions, something like an entry form, just to have a better understanding of what do you need help with.

Then we’ll establish an available date. 

After our first session, you can decide would you like to carry on working with me on weekly, or bi-weekly basis. We then sign in the contract – just to make sure both sides understand the commitment and simply to cover expectations of both sides.

  1. Our session last for 50 minutes. 
  2. We meet on Teams platform, or if it’s more convenient for you, we can use any other platform or schedule a phone call.
  3.  The meeting takes place after an email where you are asked few questions about the help you need. 
  4. Payments are made through bank transfer to my account.

I am a member of a Association for Family Therapy and Systemic Practise (AFT) and I am also registered under American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH). 

I have valid insurance, and I am registered in a database of individuals who may handle personal data (such as your name, surname, and address). 

I love to learn and currently I am working on obtaining qualifications required for entry into the world’s largest organization, the International Coach Federation (ICF). This organization is known for its high standards and requirements. A personal development coach/trainer who is part of ICF must complete specialized courses and undergo a required amount of practice.

  • Payments are made via bank transfer to my account.
  • The meeting date can be changed up to 48 hours before the scheduled time. We don’t cancel meetings, we simply reschedule the date.
  • We do not offer refunds.
  • The meeting must be paid for in order to take place. Payment in installments is made periodically, on a weekly basis, or if meetings occur every 2 weeks, then in bi-weekly intervals. Failure to comply with installment payments results in the interruption of the meeting cycle without the possibility of a refund.
  • The above rules are in place to respect both parties. I know these can sound harsh but I do try my best and I always walk an extra mile, so please don’t get discouraged by the formal side of working on your healing.