Alright then, but what are you actually going to help me with, Sandra?

We will be reinventing ourselves, strengthening, and building ourselves anew, so you can take off like a rocket, believe in yourself, and soar towards your goals.

Now, I know the sound of all of above can make you think like I am mad and there is no way, you can possibly get there.

But please, please, please – believe in small steps, where from one session to the other you will be able to see the changes. 

 If you’re struggling in a relationship and you’re unsure whether it suits you, we’ll delve into your priorities and needs. I’ll help you take a clear look at whether there’s a chance to rebuild it.

 If you’re dealing with a narcissistic individual, I’ll assist you in establishing boundaries on how to interact with them in a way that minimizes harm to you. 

If you’re considering leaving a narcissistic partner, you’ll find support in me, along with comprehensive knowledge on how to prepare yourself for such a separation and, most importantly, how to cope afterwards.

 If you have a narcissistic parent, boss, or anyone in your closest circle, we’ll work together to set your boundaries and establish principles upon which your relationship will henceforth be based. And this is not because you’ve completely lost your mind and became selfish, but rather so that you can be happier, more content, and live your life on your own terms, not dictated by others. And this is called self – care.

I understand that none of us enjoy describing ourselves as someone who has traumatic experience. We might have various mistaken beliefs that trauma is something only soldiers experience in war or that it’s limited to young children who have lost a parent, for example. However, the truth is that every single one of us has experienced trauma at least once in life. Trauma is a human experience that leads to profound changes in one’s life having impact on our daily reactions to various events and to the others.

Very often we are completely not aware that something that has happen in the past, even when then at a time, we didn’t think about it as traumatic, can have a major impact on how we behave and what do we do in present.

After experiencing trauma, we often label ourselves as someone with trauma, for instance, “I am a victim of narcissistic, physical, or emotional abuse.” Now, there is nothing wrong in above description. The only wrong thing is that it has happened to you, and it is not your fault. However, with all of the love in the world, you don’t want to feel like this, for the rest of your life, do you? And this is where we start to shift our beliefs and create new ones. I have been hurt, but I am not a victim anymore, I am a survivor and I am about to use my strenght not to survive but to thrive and build a happy life. (It’s a good rhyme, isn’t?). I understand that you might feel like frozen, not having a clue where to start from. I get you.

 I will help you work through your blocks. I will be there for you. At this time, while you’re reading this, I want you to know you are not alone. Many people in same situation didn’t know how to start but they knew they wanted a different life. I can’t promise you miracles, but with your determination and desire – we can start your healing journey.

Sometimes it might also happen that you already know so much, you want to move forward, but it’s as if your feet are stuck and you’re not heading your destination. And do you know why that might be? It’s because only 4% of what’s within us is conscious. This 4% represents what we know and what we’ve learned so far. For instance, a person struggling with excess weight knows that they need to take care of themselves and, as a result, shed those extra pounds. They might be well immersed in various diets and exercises. Yet, even though they might be an expert in this area, they’re not progressing. Why? Well, it’s because of those remaining 96% of our unconscious beliefs – we know why it is good to loose weight but what does it actually mean, what would happen to us, if we are would reach our goals? How would we feel? What would be our family or people who are the closest to our heart reaction to us being slimmer? I know all of these can sound childish now, but believe me – you are build up from all sorts of beliefs and their roots come from the past, and often we are not aware they are there, as we are grown up people yet still thinking in the same way as, when we were 6 years old, for example. So there is a job to do! We work on these beliefs, question the ones that no longer serve us, and move forward. There’s no time to waste!

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